O`zbekiston mustaqilligi millatlar aro munosabatlarda yangi davr.

The Independence of Uzbekistan is the new period in the development inter national relationships.

Having been homeland to more than 130 nations ¸ Uzbekistan is flourishing in peace and tranquility . After gaining independence , Uzbekistan established the Central Asia`s first Republican International Cultural Center on January 13, 1992.Adopted in the same year , the Basic Law stipulates that people of Uzbekistan comprise all its citizens regardless of their nationality , with equal rights and freedoms , who are equal before the law regardless of sex , race, nationality , language , religion , social origin , beliefs , personal and social status . The constitution ensures respect for the language , customs and traditions of all nations and nationalities living in the country , creates all conditions for the development.

Establishment of the Republican International Cultural Center aimed to attain harmony among ethnic and sub-ethnic groups living in Uzbekistan. Moreover, Regional International Cultural Centers opened in every region in order to support ethnic groups culture and traditions . It is obvious that the independence of Uzbekistan played major role in development of international relationship , because of the fact that thanks to the independence the government was able to give the hand of assistance to them to recover and evolve their culture . Secondly , by improving the relations among the nations who settled through Uzbekistan , we would be able strength the friendship and integrate the notions , beliefs to develop the society . As people of Uzbekistan is multinational the religious beliefs are also various . On account of religious diversity 16 religious confessions were allowed to run in Uzbekistan . It is done to create proper conditions to the both ethnic and sub ethnic groups , so they would be able to utilize their rights as regards.

The years of independence have opened a new stage in the inter-ethnic relations in the country . Development of a culture of tolerance and humanism , strengthening of interethnic and civil consent and mutual understanding, upbringing of the younger generation in the spirit of love and devotion to the Motherland, ranked among the top priorities of the state policy in Uzbekistan. The priorities were fully embodied in everyday life. The air of friendship and solidarity in our country is an essential factor of peace and stability, a guarantor of effective reforms and growing authority of Uzbekistan in the international arena.

137 national cultural centers have been playing the central role in the development of ethnic identity and the further harmonization of interethnic relations in the country, the President said. By developing their own culture, language, arts and crafts, they contribute to the mutual enrichment of cultures, strengthening of a sense of a common multi-ethnic family in each of us. The Republican International Cultural Center coordinates their work, providing practical and methodological assistance.

Through colorful events in all regions of the country, it fills the cultural and social life of the republic with even more profound content, strengthens tolerance and good-neighborliness between representatives of various nations and nationalities, living in Uzbekistan . All this suggests that Uzbekistan has built a unique system of nongovernmental organizations dealing with international relations. Their multifaceted activity helps to ensure a tranquil and happy life in the country, address important cultural and educational issues, as well as develop cooperation with foreign countries.

The sacred duty of everyone who considers Uzbekistan his or her homeland, comes to being more vigilant, and attentive to preservation and multiplication of our most important asset - a unique unity and solidarity of our multiethnic people, which we are justly proud of. This is the only way to effectively withstand all challenges and threats of our time, create a strong resistance in our society against various destructive ideas, and achieve even better results along the path of democracy and progress we have chosen. The atmosphere of friendship and harmony in our country was created by a humanism policy that has been pursued since the early days of independence. It is also important that since ancient times, our country has been located at the intersection of Eastern and Western cultures, in the heart of the Great Silk Road, owing to which our nation has absorbed the best achievements of culture and spirituality of various nations and nationalities, remaining committed to the ideas of generosity, hospitality and humanity.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the republican International Cultural Center on January 24 a solemn meeting was held at the Palace of International Forums O`zbekiston. President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev met active members of national cultural centres on 24 January. The head of state congratulated them and the entire multi-ethnic nation of Uzbekistan cordially on the 25th anniversary of the republican international cultural centre. He gave high state awards to many active members of national cultural centres . As noted by the president , representatives of different ethnic groups , cultures and religions lived on our ancient and fertile land in peace and harmony for many centuries . Hospitality , kindness , generosity and genuine tolerance have always been inherent in our people , turning into a pillar of mentality. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has initiated a new phase of reforms to set up a dialogue with our multinational people, and address their problems. In his speech at the joint session of the Oliy Majlis in late 2016, the President said that he considers it a priority to treasure and strengthen the atmosphere of interethnic and civil consent, mutual understanding and friendship, which prevails in our society.
Inter-ethnic accord and friendship is seen as the greatest wealth of our nation, the foundation of stability. Representatives of various nations and nationalities are good neighbors and close friends in our country. All we respectfully treat the traditions and customs of each other and share the joys and sorrows. The fact that representatives of all nationalities celebrate Navruz, Independence Day and other holidays together is a prime example of that.
It is important that study in educational institutions of Uzbekistan is provided in seven languages. Newspapers and magazines are published in dozens of languages, as well as television and radio broadcasting.
The Public Council under the Republican International Cultural Center, the coordination councils that are headed by deputy regional governors, carry out an important mission on the development of national cultural centers, and ensuring the atmosphere of friendship and concord in the society

The state’s leader proposed to hand over the decoration of our capital - a unique former building of O'zbekyengilsanoat joint stock company on the Babur Street - to the Republican International Cultural Centre, and name it the Palace of Friendship. He also proposed to rename the neighbored park into the ‘Friendship Garden’, as the Republican International Cultural Center has been traditionally holding numerous festivities there in the years of independence.

Briefly, the independence has created a wide range of opportunities for development of international relations and lifted it to the new high stage of integrity.

Yurtimizda 130 dan ortiq millat va elatlarning mustaqilliq davridagi hayoti.